Upright MRI

Are you tired of feeling claustrophobic during MRI scans? Do you wish for a more comfortable and relaxing experience while undergoing medical imaging? Look no further! UpRight MRI is here to redefine your MRI experience.

Located in New Mexico, UpRight MRI is proud to offer the only truly open MRI experience in the state. Our commitment to patient comfort and satisfaction sets us apart from traditional MRI facilities. With our state-of-the-art MRI machines, including the revolutionary Upright model and an extremity model, we ensure that every patient receives top-notch care and the most accurate imaging results possible.

UpRight MRI Machine New Mexico

Unlike traditional MRI machines where patients are confined to a narrow tube, our Upright MRI offers a spacious and open design, allowing patients to sit comfortably during the scan. No more feeling trapped or anxious! With ample space and a relaxed environment, our patients can undergo their MRI with ease.

But that's not all—our MRI machines come equipped with TV screens, allowing patients to watch their favorite shows or movies during the scan. Say goodbye to boredom and discomfort; at UpRight MRI, we prioritize your comfort and convenience every step of the way.

Fonar Upright MRI at UpRight MRI New Mexico

Discover the revolutionary capabilities of the Fonar Upright MRI at UpRight MRI New Mexico. Unlike traditional MRI machines, the unique magnet configuration of the Upright MRI allows for Position Imaging, making it the only scanner of its kind to offer such versatility. With this advanced technology, patients can be scanned while standing, sitting, bending, or lying down—in virtually any position that reproduces their symptoms or discomfort.

What truly sets the Fonar Upright MRI apart is its ability to capture images in positions that traditional MRI machines cannot replicate. This means that conditions and abnormalities that may only manifest in certain positions can be accurately diagnosed and treated. Whether you're experiencing back pain while standing or joint discomfort while bending, the Upright MRI offers a comprehensive solution for imaging in real-life scenarios. 

1.0 Tesla Extremity Magnet at UpRight MRI New Mexico

Enjoy the next level of comfort and precision with our 1.0 Tesla Extremity Magnet at UpRight MRI New Mexico. Specifically designed for imaging elbows, wrists, hands, knees, ankles, and feet, this state-of-the-art scanner offers unparalleled openness and flexibility. As the only machine of its kind in New Mexico, we're proud to bring you the most advanced imaging technology available for extremity scans.

What sets our 1.0 Tesla Extremity Magnet apart is its exceptional openness, ensuring that patients feel comfortable and at ease throughout the imaging process. Say goodbye to the cramped quarters of traditional MRI machines and hello to a more spacious and relaxing environment. Plus, with TVs in the room, you can enjoy watching shows or movies. Whether you're reclining comfortably or lying flat, our Extremity Magnet ensures that your imaging experience is as comfortable and entertaining as possible.

Weight-Bearing Scans: Seeing the Complete Picture

One of the key advantages of our Upright MRI is its ability to perform weight-bearing scans. Unlike traditional lie-down MRIs, which may miss certain pathologies that are only visible when the patient is scanned in an upright position, our Upright MRI provides a comprehensive view of your condition.

Lie-down scans may underestimate the severity of certain pathologies and fail to capture their dynamic nature. With the UpRight MRI, patients can rest assured that they are receiving the most accurate and detailed imaging possible. Whether it's spine issues, joint problems, or other musculoskeletal concerns, our weight-bearing scans offer unparalleled insights into your health.

Our Commitment to You

At UpRight MRI, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality care and imaging services to our patients. Our team of experienced radiologists and technicians ensures that every scan is conducted with precision and accuracy, delivering reliable results to aid in diagnosis and treatment planning. Whether you're suffering from chronic pain, injury, or simply need routine imaging, UpRight MRI is here to meet your needs. Experience the difference of a truly open MRI environment and discover the comfort and convenience you deserve.

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